If we told you that we thought design was the most important thing in life, we would be exaggerating – but only a little.

The bottom line

Research has shown that companies that place a high value on design perform better, grow faster and have a significant competitive advantage over those that don’t.* This applies to companies in a wide range of industries and is especially relevant when it comes to digital user experience. With business now undergoing a rapid shift to digital, the bottom-line value of design has never been greater.

Our approach

So at the beginning of every project we are understandably excited. Along with figuring out the strategy and setting a general course for the project, we start sharpening our pencils and unpacking the design-related challenges and possibilities involved. Our approach is grounded in proven methods and principles, with a little twist of our own, and keeps evolving along with the changing landscape of digital media.

We begin by asking questions, speaking to stakeholders and gathering data; input that we then use for drawing up maps and setting a general course for the project. This involves:

  • Kickoff and alignment, getting everyone on the same page
  • Research, data gathering, stakeholder interviews
  • Co-creation workshops
  • Branding and communications analysis , competitive positioning
  • User stories, customer journey mapping
  • Asking where are we going and why; forming a strategy
  • Analyzing the technical requirements and scope of the project

Over the years we’ve developed a way of working that works for us, drawing from different methodologies for design, development and project management. We aim to keep the structure light and flexible so that it can be easily adapted to the project at hand.